Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Today I had two things happen that I really wanted to write about. I arrived home later than normal from home church so I am limited on how in depth I can get on these two subjects as I am in need of decent sleep tonight! So... first on about the subject of drivers. Once again, with promises to leave this subject alone for a month or so (if I can manage that), I share what I saw tonight on my way home from work. However as I am shocked over this incident, my passenger fassures me that this sighting I am freaked out over, is quite a frequent event on our roadways.

I am driving along the 403, in keeping pace with traffic when all of a sudden to the right of me a car flashes by me from the side of the road, most certainly not in a designated official lane! He swept by me quickly and cut me off! Okay, here I go again - I am ticked! What has become of drivers in this city, do they left their brains and their courtesy on the kitchen counter when they leave for work in the mornings? I guess the fact that I am driving a van and that it is not going to stop on a dime means absolutely nothing to this character behind the wheel of the car. I am so flabbergasted at this incident, however I manage to get in the next lane to the left and I proceed along. I challenged my passenger to take a look at this "character" that cut me off as we are approaching to his left - traffic slows down and we both look over at him. Guess what? He is reading the newspaper - and driving! His newspaper is fully opened across the steering wheel and he is focused DOWN on the paper reading it, as his vehicle is moving at a moderate speed. Blair deciding that he must be looking for a job or something. My lane opens up and we start proceeding faster and this character continues reading, keeping at his pace, now slowing traffic down. I am truly shaking my head the rest of the way home. Now I have seen everything. This guy needs to be reported, and I would have if I had been able to get his plate # ! Am I looking for the nutso drivers or are they looking for me these days? Now for the better part of my day.........

As I reached home tonight and got out of the van, I stepped out feeling the peace of spring lurking all around me. Yes, so nice to be home when all of a sudden I get a beautiful whiff of spring - the smell of worms working their way out of the ground. They lay on the cold, damp lawn just waiting for the sun to shine down on them. What a glorious smell of spring. Honestly, you know when spring is here when you can smell the dew worms. It has been a long time since I remember the smell of the spring worms - and how reassuring it is to welcome them back. Keep your eyes and senses open for the beautiful signs of spring !

Spring is here my friends and I am now on my way to that comfy bed of mine !


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sunday, March 28, 2004... TEENAGERS ! Well...what a weekend. I volunteered to have my friend's two daughters stay with me while they were at a Christian conference in the United States. I was looking forward to the TWO girls (so was Joseph). It was supposed to start Friday night, but was delayed until Saturday as both girls and Joseph decided to stay with Louise who also volunteered for the FOUR other children of this family.

Saturday the group of teenagers went to a youth event - which was at a wave pool in Toronto. I picked up Joseph, Jamie, Sara and Charis after the event but along with them came four other young adults. So, in my little home we were entertaining SEVEN teenagers, a mix of boys and girls. The girls slept in Joseph's room - right next to my room so I could supervise them. The boys slept in the living room - a floor below us! My bedroom door was kept wide open - with the girl's door shut to protect them from the prowling young men from playing their typical pranks. I actually had a blast. I was entertained by chit-chat echoing from the girls room until 3:00 a.m., apparently complete girl talk about boys. I fought to stay awake to ensure the boys retired to bed and stayed out of trouble.

I don't remember much past 3:00 a.m. however, I had the honor of knocking on these ladies door - and cheerfully waking them up at 7:15 am. in order to get them in the shower and to a youth meeting for 8:45 a.m. What a site - all four girls sleeping in ONE queen size bed! Oh too be young. The only thing that managed to get ME out of bed this morning after about 4 hours sleep was the thought of waking up these sleep deprived girls. However, they bounced wide awake - took turns in the shower and within one hour all four girls were giggling and ready for the day. (hmmm.!) The boys on the other hand were somewhat groggy, resisting the wake-up calls. Despite this sleep deprived gang, they were all ready for church and on the road by 9:10 this morning with promises of a visit to Timmy's for Ice Cappuchino - YES.. caffeine - just what they needed !

Do you know how cool it was to spend time with these really neat kids? To listen to their laughter watch the conniving boys conjure up pranks and to travel down memory lane of the pajama parties I once shared many many times as a young teenager? To sit back and participate from the side rings was really neat. They should have taken five years off me - just for the memories, but I actually feel 5 years older, as I was too tired to function this afternoon and needed to sleep for an hour! Oh to be young!

Sara, Charis, Tory, Kelly, Jamie W, Jamie C, Joseph - thanks for the great weekend! Good job we had a van this weekend. Please don't come back for a few months! Just kidding. It was a joy to have ALL of you!!


Friday, March 26, 2004

Friday, March 26th.... SPRING IS ON THE WAY ! As I slipped out of the office today to complete some work banking, I was quite surprised at how nice it is out, despite the continued rain drops. How awesome to actually have wiffs of spring "smell".

Before we know it, the TULIPS will be blooming and escaping from the cold ground. We will see beautiful gardens sprouting all around us. I can't wait for the first sounds of lawn mowers and watching the neighbours pulling out their garden hoses, washing down their cars. Activity will start in my neighbourhood - friendly visits on front steps, shared barbecue dinners and clanking of the plastic wine glasses as they take a few moments at night to visit with neighbouring friends they have missed all winter.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Wednesday, March 24.... BLOCK THE ROADWAY... Well Monday's roller coaster ride ended nicely for me - only to allow my friend Kim to take over, sorry Kim ! Today I am faced once again with frustration from society. People who apparently have no regard for other humans along side of them. I know this mentality is all over the city and my experiences with other humans are the apparent norm. However, I have to vent and I have the vehicle to which allows me to do that! YEA!

This morning I pull up to the local grocery store and sit parked in my vehicle as Joseph runs in quickly to pick something up. This driveway is narrow and there are areas for shopping carts etc. There are cars parked behind me in this driveway with no drivers (we shouldn't be leaving our vehicles unattended in this area, in fact I probably shouldn't even be sitting in my car here). This younger woman pulls up beside me in the driveway, parks her car and gets out - she is parked behind the area where the shopping carts are brought to by the clerk in the parking lot collecting them. She not only blocks this stream of carts, she totally blocks vehicles from pulling through the driveway. She is talking on her cell phone, looks over at me, locks her car door and proceeds to enter the store. I can't believe the audacity of this woman. She does not give it a second thought - or look even to notice that she has now totally blocked the driveway. I was totally flabbergasted at her lack of common sense and courtesy for others.

But then I guess that's par for the course in a day in the city. There, I feel much better just venting. Have a marvelous day tommorow - I know I will.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday, March 22nd.... ROUGH DAYS!
I am sure that I am not the only person that faces rough days. However, when we are in the midst of one, it certainly seems like it's our own very personal roller coaster ride. I had one today, sitting in the seat, hanging tight to the bar but continually being thrown from side to side with the occasional slam to the shoulder. Then, left with the headache as you get ready to crawl into bed, left as a reminder of a truly rough day. Two Advil, a glass of juice, good book and the remnants of the day to be left behind at the computer.

tomorrow promises to bring much a better roller coaster ride, hopefully one that does not find me slamming against the sides of the car that carries me. Hopefully there will be a few friends along with the ride with me to buffer the bruises.!

NIGHT my friends!


Saturday, March 20, 2004

Saturday, March 20..... MARCH BREAK

Yeah, it is over! What a long week. I took a couple days off work to spend time with Joseph, we cruised the book stores, had dinner out together and managed to take in two games of bowling. He cooked dinner for me twice - once was a crock pot roast beef dinner with potatoes, carrots, onions and the best roast I have tasted in a long time ! That young man will make either an incredible bachelor or a great husband!

Joseph managed to get invited to a paint-ball event, a sleep over at his friend's house (with a gang of kids) and a sleep over at our house. An inexpensive vacation - a well deserved rest for this amazing kid.

I can't imagine what it would feel like to have a gang of kids hanging out for March break - day after day for a solid week in this weather. However, I can imagine sitting beside a pool in 80 degree weather (oh is that hard to imagine?!) with a good book, sun tan lotion and a gang of kids swimming in the blue waters of either the ocean or the hotel pool....with time to bask in the sun.

Oh to have a condo in Florida !

Happy March Break !
Welcome back next semester!


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Thursday, March 18....HOCKEY ? !

Hi All. I just read this on the AOL news line. Am I missing something here??? WHat in the heck is wrong with Toronto fans wearing their BLUE'S!!! Give me a break! SOMEONE NEEDS TO PAINT THE SIDE OF THE COREL CENTRE BLUE! What a bunch of HICKS. Too bad it is one of my fav cities. I AM OFFENDED! Hmmmm........

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Sorry, the blue-and-white Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys are not welcome in Ottawa.

Reflecting one of Canada's greatest sports rivalries, an Ottawa city council committee voted to ban the jerseys from the Senators' final game of the season, against the Leafs on April 3.

The full council will vote on the ban later this month. The resolution is expected to pass.

Mayor Bob Chiarelli explains that it is intimidating to Ottawa players and fans to see 7,000 to 9,000 Toronto jerseys in the stands at an Ottawa home game.

"We're going to intimidate them back," Chiarelli told CBC radio.

He recognizes that the tongue-in-cheek resolution has no teeth -- offending Toronto fans will only be "requested" to make a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank on leaving the Corel Centre -- but council wanted to make a point.

Leafs fans come up by the busload from Toronto, some 250 miles (400 kms) away, and others are Ottawa area residents who were fans of Toronto long before the Senators were resurrected early in the 1990s.

Chiarelli and the council may also have been trying to deflect attention from the city's most bitter local political row in years, over hiking property taxes.

03/18/04 09:21 ET

Monday, March 15, 2004

Well...HELLO! I have been a little behind in posting this week (as happens with me from time to time). I guess life has been a little uneventful, giving me not much thought to share. Except, this morning. I have decided I need to work from my house in order to avoid the crazy drivers out there, as I appear to be a target for the nuts.

Back in November my car was hit by a "crazy" guy driving to work. Sitting at a off ramp waiting for traffic to move, minding my own business, this "crazy" as I like to call him, side swipes my car and rips the mirror off. Damage to the tune of approximately $600.00. He was speeding along the road where no road actually is. O.K., I managed to deal with that incident and the fact that the driver was one arrogant dude who really ruffled my feathers. However, today is another story.

I sit at the intersection of Dundas and Trafalgar this morning behind a few vehicles at a RED light. I am waiting to turn right when this van sitting in front of me all of a sudden flips into reverse. I see his back lights changing from red to red and white, I do not have enough time to do anything other than honk my horn as he smacks right into me. I am shocked, dismayed and somewhat freaked out. I can't believe my eyes, oh and top of it, I am now rather wet as my tea spilt all over me. I pull myself together, step out of the car as he also steps out and I ask the question "what were you thinking of?" The poor soul, he's an elderly gentleman of European heritage, who is apologizing all the way to my car in his broken English, explaining that he just wanted to switch lanes (to the left). I shake my head, he wants to change lanes and there are cars in that lane too! Why couldn't he smack into one of them? Why me? Anyway, he was a very nice man who felt so bad and was as upset as I was. Thank goodness there was no damage to my car and he didn't hurt either of us. It's a crazy world out there my friends and I can't figure out why anyone would want to get their license to look like a sitting duck sitting in the water. Can someone please start driving me to work?

I am in absolute dismay as I continue the journey to work, late once again !

Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday, March 12, 2004..... BLOGGING

I have today finally managed to get my next site up and running. It has been fun figuring out how to change the colours from blue and white to rose and pink, add links and generally mess things up and find a way to correct them. My arms and hands are sore from constantly typing. My eyes are sore from looking at this screen for hours. You would think I would have something far better to do than sit at a computer starting a new blog spot site! I can truly appreciate every second of Tim's time invested in my first site, what a task for an amateur like MOI !

Please click on the link (if it shows up) THE TRUTH AND THE WAY. It has shown up on my preview part, I am just waiting for the system to do "it's" thing to ensure it is actually running. This is my official Bible study site. I have enjoyed the journey of my study time and I ask that you let me share it with you weekly. My hopes/plans are to have the study posted late Sunday evenings.

Let me know what you think. THANKS!

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Thursday, March 11, 2004...... HOCKEY IS THAT WHAT THAT GAME IS CALLED ?!
I have distinct memories of Hockey Night in Canada. Every single Saturday at 8:00 p.m. we knew where my dad was and exactly what was on t.v. And if I didn't have a date (which wasn't very often!) I'd be sitting right there with him, even though I really wasn't a hockey fan - I just liked Dave Keon. Usually by 10:00 p.m. the game was over and my dad was often frustrated as the Leafs lost again. However, I was a bit of a Leafs fan, even way back then. I actually enjoyed sitting with him "watching" the game. I didn't really "watch" the game like he did, but I did partake in the evening of sitting with him while he sat on the edge of his seat, encouraging the players, criticizing them for their bad plays and finally often in disappointment getting up to change the channel at 10:00 to something else when the game was over. We didn't have colour t.v. nor did we have remote controls, remember those days? We didn't get a colour t.v. until around 1975 - and it came with a remote.

Getting off topic for a moment, I remember with laughter the day my parents got their new COLOUR t.v. Dad set it up and myself, my two brothers and our families came over to watch it with them, as dad was so thrilled with the new t.v. My parent's dining room overlooked the livingroom and as we were watching the t.v. the stations started flipping back and forth. My youngest brother brought his remote control from his set at home (both brothers were pranksters) and sitting away from us in the dining room, he started flicking the stations in hopes of freaking my father out. Job well done, my dad was in total confusion, and in frustration he started blaming my mom for doing something with the converter. She getting excited and worried immediately jumped up professing innocence. In the interim the rest of us are finally figuring out what was going on. Having such new technology in the house was somewhat frustrating to him, he was sure the t.v. was damaged. It was quite the scene and finally when the rest of couldn't hold the laughter in, we started howling with fits of laughter. My father was not impressed, with the joke nor the fits of laughter we engaged in. YEA for remote controls and the memory.

My memories of Saturday nights is quite cool actually to ponder.
I remember the game as being totally different to today's game. Our kids really don't know what GOOD hockey is. They know what rough hockey is, the slamming, punching, ramming people's heads into boards type of game. But they truly do not know good hockey.

I am angry today as I read of the terrible incident causing such serious harm to a player. Even my son said they are picking hockey players that are just too big, they cause harm often without possibly meaning to, just because they are so big. It's true. It seems to me that the main focus on choosing a hockey player for your team is to find the biggest, meanest guy on the draft pick, (if that's even what they call it!). I wish I had an opportunity to stand in front of the entire NHL big shots and tell them that they have totally messed up hockey and the meaning of it. (this morning I actually posted my opinion on an AOL opinion board - not that many will agree to it !) I'm sure like the many other things I'd like to express my opinion on, my opinion would be meaningless to most. Heck, what ever happened to just throwing your sticks and helmets down and just punching each other in the face when you can't control your anger? Where did the "killer" instinct come from?

Anyway, as I am JUST A WOMAN I am sure that my opinion will be laughed at by several of you guys out there. But personally, I'd like to see a bunch of 5'0" 145 lb guys out there playing REAL HOCKEY!! That is when you'd see REAL talent come out. Then again, that's just MY opinion!

I am on a day's holiday and I am going to have a Great day - you have one too! Think I shall sit on my couch with the remote, look for a hockey game and ponder some wonderful memories.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday, March 10, 2004..... HIS ROBES

This morning I share with you a devotional I wrote a couple of months ago. I wanted to share with all of you who possibly have seen The Passion. This is my vision of Jesus these days.

His Robes of Fine Cloth

My mother used to recite the scripture mentined below in Psalms 119 to me often. This scripture inspired this devotional. I think of her so much as I get more into His Word. I continue to thank her for sharing Jesus with me.

He walked with me before I even knew it. He was there hovering over me, whispering to me ever so gently and sitting at the foot of my bed as I prayed.

I see you Jesus walking ahead of me, especially in those dark and troubled times. The gentle waving of your hand motioning me onward. Your smile of encouragement and love. Your robes of fine white cloth draping your body in elegance. Oh, to reach out and touch your robes, just to catch a minute of your grace.

You my Lord are so Holy.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”

Psalms 119:105

To each of you with Love and Blessings!! Morning!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Tuesday, March 9th...... The Dream.....
I open the journal to simple yet powerful words "The Dream Giver gave my Dream back to me. Now it is part of his Big Dream - and that means my Dream is a lot bigger than before."

The Dream Giver

Wow.. these words strike me with passion and excitement. If you don't know, this journal is actually published along with the book "The Dream Giver". It is sold in Christian book stores as well. I do not have the book (YET).... I will be on my way to Burlington next weekend (again), I can't wait to get that book in my hands and to start reading it.


Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday, March 8th, 2004..... The Way...

The page I opened to this evening in my new Dream Planner journal shows me a picture of a rickety old row boat, it is wooden and the paint is chipped and faded from the sun and water. It is pointed in a hazy direction along the water. Pictured in black and white and represents such peace and tranquility to me. The oar lays along the inside, sending an invitation for me to slip in and sit on the seat for the journey.

We read on the next page "Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul."

Psalms 143:8

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Sunday, March 7th..... Comfort Zone....

"On the other side of that single step - the exact one. Ordinary didn't think he could take - he found that he had broken through is Comfort zone. Now the Wall of Fear was behind him. He was free and his Dream was ahead."

The Dream Giver

I read this tonight and as I have taken the spoken first steps to tear down the wall and break though my Comfort zone, I was reminded of the fear that lives within each one of us. When we abandon the fear that binds us, we are released to incredible freedom and the dreams we would never have imagined.....


Saturday, March 06, 2004

Saturday, March 6, 2004.....

The Dream Planner...Inspired by the Dream Giver
I picked up this little journal today at the Christian Book store. It's so neat. On the back page it reads "Capture Your Dream. Your Big Dream is surging within you heart, ready to carry you to heights you never dreamed possible."

"Take out your long white feather - or your favorite pen - and record your travels out of your Comfort Zone, past the Border Bullies, across the Wasteland, and beyond the Giants in the Land." Have you ever imagined that there would be border bullies lurking so close to you, waiting to stop you from taking that dream and run all the way to the goal post? Close your eyes and imagine the presence of the border bullie...what does he look like, are you ready to tackle him right to the ground?

The Dream Giver - "God created you for a greater purpose. It's the most important journey of your life. The pursuit of your God - given destiny."

I was quite drawn by this journal. It is so inspiring that I want to share it with you over the next little while as I believe many of us have such incredible dreams dreams that never make their way out of our heads. We need to let those dreams escape the snare we sweep them into. Break down the walls that stop you from following your dreams, the ones that snap the locks shut on the snare.

"See, the Lord your God has given you the land, Go up and take do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

Deuteronomy 1:21

Friday, March 05, 2004

Friday, March 5, 2004.... How tired is TIRED?

I have been exhausted these past few days. So tired that when I finally crawled into my beautiful, comfy bed last night, I literally laid my head on the pillow and that is all I remember. For those of you who truly know me, know that I have to either read until I fall asleep or I lay there tossing and turning....with thoughts, ideas and events churning in the brain, keeping me awake.

YEA for being exhausted. I have not written the past few days because of just too much going on - and the exhaustion thing. Tonight I am not any better - and lucky me...I have to be up at 6:00 a.m. (yes my shocked friends...me... awake at 6:00 AM not PM !!) Joseph has a youth event to attend tomorrow - they are driving to Niagara Falls, U.S.A. to help a church with some things. I don't have to drive there - I just have to get him to the departure point - somewhere here in Oakville! My hat tips to these incredible youth leaders who are so dedicated they would be up so early to do this with them.!!

Well... look out pillows here I come....hopefully the writing gets better over the next few days.... I do have lots to share...but....I can't help myself, I hear whispers of promises of hugs and warmth from my new feather pillow...and blankets......


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Wednesday, March 3rd.... Dancing
I realized last night that I often talk about dancing in my journal. I asked myself why do I always go back to dancing? Simply because I love to dance? I do not classify myself as a good or amazing dancer (neither do those who dance or have danced with me!). However, dancing does pull me to the floor. It pulls many, even those who have the fear of dancing usually get up and try.

I'd love to close my eyes and be whisked away under the glitter of the dance ball as my black, slinky yet elegant, beautiful ball gown flows around me. The lights are sparkling, the music so captivating and me floating on air. I close my eyes and the world is mine, the dance floor is empty just for me. My feet are like a ballerina's, soft to the step, strong and swift. My heart pounds as he reaches for me and leads in the dance.

The music changes and the temp becomes upbeat and wild.... I throw my caution to the wind, I toss my head back, kicking off my shoes and I am clapping my hands in the air, shouting out the words to the rock and roll song. I am free as a lion roaming the wilderness. The dance floor is packed and we are rocking the floor. The ceiling below is is buckling.

Dancing....what is it? It is emotional, it is freeing, humbling, it is so soothing and yet so exciting. It's wild, its fun, it's daring. Take a chance, dance your heart away and just shout to the music !! Don't just dance, make your life a dance... let the dance be the stages of your life......

Are you ready?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Let it Bloom..... Those words are etched in a beautiful clay pot that contains an array of curly yellow tulips that I was given on Sunday by my friend Karen. These words were not painted on the clay pot, they were etched in, just as though they needed to be embedded directly into the clay as to not wear away.

Karen delivered these pretty flowers to me after church on Sunday, she handed the pot to me with the look of a young child so excited to see the reaction of her receiver. There was a twinkle in her eye that I couldn't overlook. I was humbled by her. I held the pot close to me and carried it to the car along with my hands full of other belongings. I sat the pot down on the floor in the front seat of the car and drove onward home. As I sat at the red light, I looked down at the pot just to make sure all was well. I was startled when the pot sitting there so regal, was situated such that the words stood tall and proud, just waiting for me to read them and catch the drift.

I, me, Cheri WAS created with much talent, most of which I have hidden. I took this talent, wrapped it in cellophane on a pretty ceramic dish and finished it off with a bow of soft pink ribbon. There sat the talent, all pretty laying on the dish to be picked up and shared, but I kept it sealed and held tight by ribbon... not to be let loose from the ceramic dish that just happens to be shaped as a heart. My friend Karen, oh how you know me and I am in awe of how He uses you to get to me! Thank you.

So many of us hold ourselves back from being who we were truly meant to be. Sometimes out of fear, lack of confidence, preoccupation and simply because we don't recognize our talent. That talent may be vast and incredible and it might be gentle and just plain nice. The degree of the talent is not important. What is important is that we stop and recognize our talent and just share it. Let it out of the cellophane, untie the ribbon and just let it jump out of that dish to the dance of the music.

I want to encourage you my lovely daughters and friends to look at yourselves, take the talent that you have and just unleash it, even just a bit. My daughter SANDY you have talent - you know where it is - I have created for you the site - SHARE YOUR LOVE FOR THOSE OFTEN FORGOTTEN PEOPLE! My friend DANI - you are an angel, truly you are. An angel with writing talent, don't hide it - get to it girlie!! Sheira, you are just beginning, slow down a bit and catch up in this fun! I will be waiting to see each of you put your foot forward and just try.

I wait to be enthralled with your dance!