Monday, May 23, 2005

The passion.......
I think I've had a block of some sort these days, okay - months. Usually I write when I am feeling passionate about some issue or event. I guess I have been in a bit of a passion slump these days. Nothing has really triggered my imagination. And yes, maybe I wanted you girls to miss me, just a bit!

I have lots to share though - so maybe that's a good way to get back into the grove. My friend Sheryl has had an adventure to share. She left her family (of FIVE children) and husband to spend about 5 days in Myrtle Beach (sp?) a few weeks ago. She has never been on an airplane by herself - and in fact has I beleive only flown once. I was very excited for her adventure - I knew this would have a good impact on her - just being away from FIVE kids would have been enough - yet to travel ALONE ! YIPPEE for her. She had a good time too! Wonder if she missed the kids and husband ! (not?)

I myself have had the desire these past months to go to an airport hand in my free travel voucher and just GO. Anywhere. However without the cash in the wallet to pay for a hotel once I got where I was going is kind of a stumbling block......!

Joseph is going on a mission trip to Big Trout Lake a native Indian reserve - which is way way way way up north in Hudson Bay area. This has been the focus of our household the past few months. He attends training sessions Sunday mornings each week and they are now starting the packing process. The airlines up in this "neck of the woods" brings their supplies in gradually as they have room in the plane - that way it saves on the cost to send the group up. There is a total of 19 youth and adults that are going on this mission trip. They will spend time working with the native children, sharing special times with them. I am very excited for this opportunity for Joseph - he will experience a part of life that not many of us get the chance to. Last weekend they spent the weekend on a double decker bus raising awareness for this mission trip and raised funds to fund the mission trip.

My mind was wandering trying to share some thoughts when as I am sitting here looking out my home office window , I see a woman putting her little boy in his stroller for a morning walk(cute little guy with yellow rubber boots on). I think of how warm and comfortable his life probably is - how he knows without a doubt that his mom and dad love him. How awesome to just KNOW he is loved. Every morning she probably reaches into his crib to pick him up and hold him close, cuddling and kissing him. Now dad is walking behind them with their other little boy - peddling away on his little bike. They walk together as a family. I guess I thought I wouldn't have much to share today - but in reality if I just looked around me - I'd have so much to share - as each of you would! So for today my friends I share - stop the race of the day - and just sit back and enjoy those kids - laugh with them, walk with them and make family a focus for the day!

Shortly I am off to visit friends who are my family for a barbeque!

Have a relaxing and wonderful day!