Thursday, May 27, 2004

I have been so pre-occupied with so many things that I have not taken the time to blog. I guess part of my slacking is that there isn't much exciting happening these days in my life - other than the usual crazy drivers, people that continually irritate me and life in general. I have however checked my site meter and I am so impressed that my dear friend DANI continually checks daily to see if I have written - oh how I must have disappointed YOU. So, just for you DANI I am going to get the wheels of this nimble brain going and surprise you with some inspiration.

This weekend was a busy one with going to the cottage to partially open it up, visit family and head back home to attend a huge birthday bash for three of my friends who are turning FORTY in the next days and weeks. My incredible son was with me and caused many of the group much laughter. He sang "hero" to the two ladies who were celebrating their birthdays (he did not sing to Jeff!). His facial expressions were so funny and his absolute charm poured out as he sang the love songs to these "OLDER" He had the entire group of at least fifty people in fits of laughter. Oh, I saved the funniest kid for the last - because I think God knew I would need a lot of time to appreciate his many talents (not that my other children don't have talent - but this one has been blessed). His sense of humour constantly gives me reason for laughter. So, this little TULIP shall continue to watch him - and pray that my "petals" don't fall off....(another joke from the child!)while I laugh my way through his childhood.

Have a blessed day each of you my friends!


Friday, May 14, 2004

May 14th.... Writer's block.

I have it, had it- whatever! Maybe I have just been too busy to think straight...or maybe I am just lazy these days? Not sure! I think it is writer's block.

I have figured out that I am just a very basic laid back lady who thrives on warm weather, sun, warm breezes, beaches, lakes and sail boats. I don't need anything fancy, just a warm roof over my head and some food in the fridge. Most importantly, I need and want my incredible friends to be a big part of my life. I do not need the fancy furniture, big house, fancy car (although I admit I have a fascination for fast nice cars - however reliable does fit the bill first!)

When this weather beams down, I remember how much I enjoy these days and how limited and quickly they pass by. Being locked up in an office in the summer is really a though thing to do for me...... My dream is to live in warm weather all year round.... walk around in sandals or thongs (feet thongs that is!) shorts and t-shirts. How absolutely cool it has been to have sat at an outdoor patio for dinner and a dacquiri (sp?) TWICE this week....YEA... summer is here!

Love You All....

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Tuesday, May 4, 2004.... AND THE LEAFS LOSE !!..... Well, do they really lose, after all, they did make it to the play offs?! Last night when I saw some of the Leaf players kick into action, my mind wandered questioning if the sparked passion the players displayed came from the thought of the big bucks they could make if they go further into the playoffs (that is what happens isn't it?) or, was it from the sheer thrill of the "we can win" competition?

I, sitting with a gang of friends last night was so caught up in the excitement, I almost elbowed my good friend in the head - not sure she would have been as excited about the game after that. It was a tense third period and you can only imagine the hooting and hollering that went on in this room (let alone in pubs and living rooms all over Toronto). What a rush. What a scene... A bunch of middle aged men and women hooting and hollering, jumping up and down and screetching in an otherwise conservative quiet environment of Bible study! What a let down when that little black puck slid along the ice in what appears to be slow motion right into the warm comfortable net belonging yes, to the Leafs! Game over, let down soaks in. The room becomes silent. And I still didn't figure out if the players displayed such passion from desperation of a fatter bank account or an overwhelming WIN WIN instinct!

Oh well.... off to anticipation of another season - 2005...

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I'm Back! (Again)....... Well, I see that TIM misses me, but then he has a somewhat encouraging soul considering he designed this incredible site that I have let sit to get dusty and lonely. My days for three weeks have been all consuming with many distractions all of which don't necessarily bring joy like this site does.

As I finally get undisturbed time to write, I hear the shrill of Joseph's voice begging for use of my computer as he sits with his cute little face in the t.v. watching Malcolm ..... says he needs to do some research for a school project....more likely he has friends to visit on MSN. So much for the quiet time!

I have actually managed to get some reading time with much pondering (what else is new!). I have actually been steered to thinking about someone (who I don't even know personally - don't ask on that one!). Seem to have my thoughts and heart on them.
I started a book today titled "The Best 10 Decisions a Woman can Make".... Anyway, as I have been working through a few issues and also been thinking of a friend who is working through some issues.... I have heard the words ....."we need to DECIDE and CHOOSE to make changes"... Note the two words - DECIDE and CHOOSE. We must remember, "it is never too late to be what we might have been"

I am not quite sure why I am reflecting on these words, but someone somewhere (other than me) needs to hear those words. If it is YOU, let me know.! The words and thoughts have been placed on my heart for a reason!

Have a blessed and amazing day tomorrow.!