Monday, October 24, 2005

The awesome power of aeceptance...
I was sitting sipping on tea this afternoon when I was thinking about the the many true friends I have had the honour of being blessed with. You know, the ones that love you just because of you, flaws and all. Celebrate the friends that come through for you no matter what, where, when and why.

I want to share a great momentsI had recently experienced. I had been driving to church a few weeks ago, rushing and grumbling about the longer drive than I cared to face, my tired state and the grumbling went on and on..... I finally reached the parking lot, jumped out of the car ( it was raining adding to my grumblings), walked in the front doors and into the community room where we worship. I took a sigh and headed to a chair to put my purse and items down.....when one of the little guys from his seat on the counter of the food galley, turned around and with an incredibly huge smile and dancing eyes shouted out to me the most welcoming "Hi Cheri" I have ever heard him give me. He said a few other cool lthings, but it was his beaming smile and huge happy brown eyes that lifted me higher than I can explain. Here was this little guy sharing with me the joy he was feeling in his heart. This little guy, Liam, will never know what he did for my spirits that morning, but I will treasurer that moment for a long, long time. I wish it was possible to pour that emotional moment into a jar and hand it out to everyone I meet.

I hope that during my journey, I can be a tool in lifting the spirits of others who cross my path and that I might be able to add joy and friendship beyond their expectation.

Thanks Liam!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cold weather.... who needs it anyway? What brings people from Florida to live in Toronto? What brings people from anywhere warm to live in Canada? I just don't get it. Well, in all reality there is much I just don't get, but cold weather I know I will never get!

However, I do see some benefits to cold weather. First of all, it kind of forces me personally to hybernate, do laundry, watch t.v., read more, rest and just plain hang out at home. There is some good in that I guess. Reflection, cooking for the family and friends, and maybe just getting back into blogging. I run way too much and think too little in the summer. Although too much thinking for me can be dangerous too!

Anyway, I feel the wind blowing colder each day this week. I hear the whistling of the air as it swirls around the windows in my bedroom. I catch myself day dreaming about the sounds of the rain crashing on the windows in the livingroom forcing me to run juming into my warm blankets. I am craving the crackling of a warm fire, dimmed lights, huddles of blankets, pillows, popcorn, chips, chocolate bars and a few DVD's. I imagine the white lights already dancing on the Christmas tree in my livingroom. I smell the Christmas turkey cooking.

I think winter is on it's way....slowly creeping down the narrow pathway by my house soon to swirl around the front step into my livingroom. Steel bars and locked doors are not going to keep this monster away!

Have a fun day!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving......

I am sitting here Thanksgiving morning looking out my front window. I am in awe of the beauty fall brings. The leaves around me are greeny-yellow, orange and beige on the tree in front of my window. It appears cold and brisk this morning with a slight wind making the leaves on this tree dance. If I listened closely I am sure I could hear them sing. Dry leaves are gathering on the curbs of the neighbouring properties, piling up in anticipation of the young kids jumping in them. What an incredibly beautiful time of year. This has to be my favorite season. As much as I anticipate summer and enjoy the sunshine and lazy days by the beach, there is nothing that beats the incredible beauty of fall.

I am sitting here reflecting over the past year with awe in all the year has delivered to my door step. I have beautiful, safe, healthy children each on their individual journeys. I have peace, love, contentment and lots to look forward to. Sit still and count YOUR blessings. Pray with thanks and gratefulness. Stop and take time today to love the people you are closest to.

Happy Thanksgiving......