Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I write..and I get no comments...Hmmmmm... I check every day for a comment...still none. Oh, that I guess is what I deserve after deserting you!

I shall wait for a comment so I can be inspired to write more... now it's your fault...haha....

Sweet dreams of the impending spring weather!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So a few of you have asked "where did you go". Not sure I went anywhere actually... life just got in the way of my routine ritual of writing each evening. It continues to surpise me when I hear - "you haven't written in a long time". I didn't really think any of you were still reading! That must mean it was half way interesting to log on and see what was on the chalk board for the day.

As I am writing away here I looked out the window and I saw a flock of black birds flying off into the sky combating the winds and light blowing snow as they flew into their journey - slightly being pushed back as they pushed forward. It reminded me of the willful determination many of us have in our make-up. I am quite intrigued by my own general determination. For me, it has not always a beneficial trait to have as I have managed to push the journey through determination and not necessarily see the light as to what principle I am being determined about. That determination has stopped me from evaulating whatever journey I am on. I get so focused on being detmined and not giving in, that I often forget the end result. I have to determine a way to evaulate my determination focus. What about you?

Anyway, that's just on my mind these days. So... I share that I have been distracted from writing as I have been "determingly" nurturing a love relationship - that has taken precident over my daily writing. It's been awesome directing my focus in that direction. There has been lots of fun, joy and interesting events. Mostly, I have been blessed with a future marriage to a wonderful man. I shall share the wedding journey as it unfolds.

For now I leave you with thoughts of the impending spring waiting to burst from the skies. Soon we will feel the dethawing of the land beneath our feet, warming of the air, tips of greenery budding from the gardens, rain, flowers, visions of children running through play gounds with coats and hats thrown to the ground and noise and chatter ehoing through the playgrounds. Need I mention the outdoor patios filled with tanned people, and smells of barbequed hamburgers and cool beer.