Friday, March 28, 2008

I am thinking about the days when I sat night by night at my computer sharing my thoughts. I have professed to have been going through a "dry" spell. I think in all reality it's not a dry spell I am in. I believe it is that my engines and thoughts are all drained after sharing those precious moments with my husband during the day and evenings. What to do... hummm... save it for the blog or hubby... I am sure hubby would be grateful to have time to rest his beautiful ears.

I have a beautiful friend who was "let-go" of her job two weeks ago. What a shock she has endured....ater many years of making her place of employment her "home" away from home. The comfortable days she shared with many friends over coffee and lunch breaks. The responsibility of handling all the telephone calls as her duty called her "the voice of .....(the company". She is now sitting at home trying to make sense of this happening. I made sense really quickly - she is blessed to have the time to truly enjoy the upcoming summer of sun and fun. Worry about the rest later I said.

Oh how shocking it is when the carpet is pulled up from under our feet and we land on out butts to make new ground. I can't wait to see what adventure comes her way!

Love Ya girl...