Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When we least expect it....
Life just keeps happening. I get up in the morning with so much intention and by the end of the month (after many mornings of intention), I realize that somewhere along the line.... I just didn't get to it, whatever it was!I have attempted to write a few times this past months. I start out with a few lines and then once again face the writing "dry spell". I was encouraged by a friend to write about the "dry spell" and I think I tried... but faced little success.

And then sometimes when we least expect it....Today I received a note from my one daughter. She shared that sometimes she didn't really see things and sometimes doesn't say much - but she thinks I am a big part of the "spark" she carries in life. I was very touched and humbled by her words. I joked a bit inside thinking... "oh no - her crazy and passionate personality is my fault"!. After the chuckle, I was more humbled by my ability to effect who she is and who she could and will be.

A racing thought entered my mind, if only I could start over with all four of my children. Start over with a purpose and plan of how I was going to guide their walk, encourage each of them in their individuality, shape them to incredible heights with my utmost ability. If only.....I think about the "silver lining" of who each of us really are. The lining that lies quietly below the worldly elements of who we are in reaction to a world around us. The protected core that is tucked safely below the human walls we create to survive the crashing waves of life. The core that shines like a precious gem. This core is the element of who we are. He created that core - do we know why?

I can only begin to imagine how our Father paces with anticipation, excitement and wonder just waiting to see what we are going to do with all He has done to ignite our individual sparks, to mould us exactly as He wants us. How touched He is when we just stop and share our hearts with him. How thrilled He is when His precious child thrives with love, passion and spark.How blessed we are that we have our Father who watches from above with more love in His heart for us than we could possibly imagine.